Want to make bicycling more of a social event? Looking for ways to get involved with making bicycling safer, or to help push for more trails?

This page is for links to bicycle clubs in Colorado or the Rocky Mountain region. Of course, the web is always changing. If this page lists a dead site, or there is a site you would like to see here, please drop a message to glenh at this website, and I will try to add it.
Denver Bicycle Touring Club - Denver's largest bike club - events and newsletters - rides, news, links, and discounts
Fort Collins Cycle Club - bike events and news in northern Colorado's biggest city. They promote cycling throughout the state, for everyone from casual riders to pro racers.
Colorado Springs Cycling Club - a recreational club for cyclists of all ages and abilities
P.E.D.A.L. - Loveland CO's Cycling Club - "We're social, and we rarely bite!" -- Read about their '900 mpg vehicle'!
OUTSpokin' - Gay & lesbian bikers (and friends) doing charity tours
CO HeartCycle Assn. - road bike tours and training rides - non-profit Colorado corporation in its 27th year of providing bicycle tours
Buckley Cycling Club- this looks like an old link (it has info on Jun 2003 Bike-to-Work Day when I last checked).
Rocky Mountain Cycling Club is "a premier road bicycling club for the Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region, which offers a full range of rides for the moderate to advanced cyclist."
CU-Denver Cycling Club
Taos Cycle Club is "a grassroots advocacy group committed to the enhancement of cycling in Taos and Northern New Mexico."
New Mexico Touring Society is "a bicycling club of recreational riders of all ages and abilities, from beginners to experts and families."
Wisconsin Bicyling Clubs list clubs in that midwestern state.
League of Michigan Bicyclists has a listing of the cycling clubs in that great state. I referenced this before my last bike tour.
Cherry Capital Cycling Club, in Traverse City MI, is a GREAT group of cylists in central Michigan - I met (and stayed with) their president on my last bike tour.
Looking for a club elsewhere? This new site is an interactive site allowing you to find bike clubs around the country, and to add information for your club if it is not already listed.
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