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Ahhh, walking ... the best way to travel. The way to really see the areas you pass through, the way to meet the people -- the way to join the countryside.
There are as many stories of vacations-by-foot as there are adventurous souls who take them. Many have shared their trips with all of us through books. A sampling is given below:



by Steven M. Newman

    Recognized by Guinness Book of World Records as the first person to walk by himself around the world, his books have inspired travelers for years (including the author of the book below). For four years he trekked across five continents, seeing exotic lands, fighting culture shock (and narrowly escaping death), and discovering the innate goodness of people around the globe.
    The first book was written after his return to Ripley, OH. It chronicles the adventures of his extended adventure in an easy-to-read style. The second book is a compilation of articles he wrote while on the road, providing an immediacy to the journey he was on.
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UNDERWEAR BY THE ROADSIDE: Coast-to-Coast LitterWalk

by Glen Hanket, with Foreword by Steven M. Newman

    On April 1, 1993 -- exactly 10 years after Steven Newman started his WorldWalk -- newlyweds Glen and Susan Hanket began their 'honeymoon' trip: a LitterWalk, an ocean-to-ocean "Adopt-A-Highway" adventure. Avid hikers and National Park enthusiasts, the couple would bag roadside litter as they discovered the real America -- a land filled with beauty, adventure, and generous people.
    The book details their adventures: discovering how to make maple syrup, milk cows, and round up sheep; hearing stories of fishing dogs and faith healers; touring a haunted health resort; limping into the 'Friendliest Town in the Nation'; and uncovering America's debris -- trash ranging from table saws to TV sets, butterfly collections to Bahamian coins, and an unending stream of underwear!

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by Peter Jenkins & Barbara Jenkins

    America's classic story of the footloose traveler! For 5 1/4 years in the 70's, Peter Jenkins plied the roads of the U.S. Disaffected by the Vietnam War and the country's cultural malaise, he took off to search for the beauty in the country and it's people. His story has warmed millions of hearts.
    The first book details his journey with his dog Cooper, heading south from New York to New Orleans. The second book picks up after his marriage, when he and his bride take off for the Pacific Coast. The third book details the inner struggles they faced on the road, newlyweds growing together.


Other recommended walking books:

 and some (not walking) must-reads for adventure travelers:

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