Three Colorado cities named BICYCLE-FRIENDLY COMMUNITIES.

(posted 08 Jun 05) Boulder, Denver, and Fort Collins have received this presigious award from the League of American Bicyclists.

** Boulder garnered Gold level designation. This high rating is extremely difficult to reach - only three other cities in the U.S. (Corvallis and Portland in Oregon, Palo Alto in California) joined Boulder on top. 16% of all commuting trips are by bicycle, and 19% of the 2003 transportation budget went to bicycle-related issues. Keep working - maybe they can be the first city to reach the Platinum level!
** Fort Collins has again received the Silver level for their bicycling efforts. They were among the first communities in the country to apply for the award, established in 2002. They join 11 other cities at this prestigious level.
** Denver received Bronze level designation. Unfortunately, that honor is tempered by the fact that we slipped from our previous Silver level, due to recent changes enacted by the city. With luck, feeback from the award process will help them to reverse the trend and boost them again next time.

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