There are obviously many books and maps available to the bicyclist, on general topics or focused on Colorado. Here are a few I've run across, often from other independent publishers.
Bicycling Bliss: Riding to Improve Your Wellness (by Portia Masterson)
Perhaps you remember Portia from her bike store in Golden (called Self-Propulsion), or maybe you heard her talk about her bike trip across Mongolia. She has now switched gears, and has a book about bicycling for your health and enjoyment. ISBN 0-9753868-0-8, list price $24.95

Guide to the Highline Canal by Denver Water Community Relations Office.
The Guide to the High Line Canal is a comprehensive, pocket-size book. It offers both historical and geographical looks at metro Denver's urban treasure, complete with mile-by-mile descriptions of the canal's tranquil scenery, friendly wildlife and abundant flora. The guide suggests what to look for, what to avoid, where to find the best sights and where to park. This National Landmark Trail meanders 71 miles from Waterton Canyon, through Denver and Aurora, to the Rocky Mountain Arsenal.
The guide sells for $4.50+ in area bookstores and retailers. Denver Water also will sell the book by mail order for $3.50, plus $1 postage. Purchase the guide by phone order or by linking to Denver Water's web site and going to the High Line Canal page or bookstore page.
Urban Bikers' Tips and Tricks (by Dave Glowacz) covers "low-tech and no-tech ways to find, ride, and keep a bicycle." This delightful book, with over 700 photos and illustrations, provides hints on buying and maintaining bicycles, as well as how to deal with the traffic, thieves, and other situations that make bicycling in the city such a task. Revised in 2004. ISBN 0-9651728-1-3, price $14.95
Many maps are available to locate the urban trails in Colorado. The CITY OF DENVER BIKE MAP shows Denver's entire system of bike routes and major bikeways on weatherproof paper. Available for $6 postpaid from Sharon Cordova, Denver Central Services, 201 W. Colfax Dept 905, Denver Co 80202, or call 720-865-7500.

For park maps of Jefferson County Open Space parks, call 303-271-5925. Office  hours are 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Many of the trails are the result of lottery dollars put to work. In conjuction with the Colorado Lottery, the Colorado Division of State Parks and Outdoor Recreation has put together a series of 5 maps detailing the available routes: Western Slope; Mountains; North Front Range; South Front Range; and Denver area. They are available for free at many visitor information centers, or you can contact the State Parks - 303-866-3437.
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