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There are numerous books detailing mountain bike rides throughout the state, or that specialize in single- and double-track trails in a specific area. When it comes to urban trails (those that are paved, concrete, or crushed gravel, suitable for road bikes), look to CAK Publishing. Our award-winning books are known as THE definitive guides to the urban trails throughout the metro area and across the state.

If you live here, you know -- the bike path network in Colorado has exploded in the last few years. CAK Publishing has been hard at work scouting all the newest trails, and in the last three years we have explored all the newest trails. We now have 11 books that cover the entire Denver metro area, and four more titles (now including WESTERN COLORADO) for other regions of the state.
These guides -- all running from 64 to 88 pages -- cover every significant trail in their area, as well as maps and pictures of the trails. Wondering what to do after your ride is over? The books also mention nearby parks, museums, historic sites, and other attractions. All series books are priced at $7.00 each.
Look for our titles in all the best bike stores in the region, as well as most book stores. If your favorite retailer doesn't carry them, tell them what they're missing!
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TAB cover Take a Bike: A Guide to the Denver Area's Urban Trails
The critics awarded the 2nd edition the Evvy Award - they agreed with the people that have made this Denver's best-selling guide to the trails throughout the city. The 3rd edition sold out last fall - but we are now working to update this guide and bring out a 4th edition. We will let you know as the publication date approaches!
TAC cover Trails Away/Colorado: Quick Escapes for Bikes, Blades, and Boots
Find out about 45 trails throughout the state, from Telluride to Fort Collins, from Pueblo to Steamboat Springs (including the longer trails in Denver). It also mentions nearby attractions. 160 pgs. ISBN 0-9657833-2-4, price $8.50. ©1999.
This older book is being phased out -- but it still gives an excellent overview of trails throughout the state. Add to Cart

Have you ever dreamed of hopping on the bicycle and just going? Do you fantasize about 'hiking into the sunset'? Thousands of people share these dreams -- and some actually follow through on them. Several books recount these adventures, of country- or world-wide rides and hikes. For a more extensive listing of these books, check the Walking Books page.
UBTR cover Underwear by the Roadside: Litterwalk Coast-to-Coast (by Glen Hanket)
Read about 'the couple who spent their honeymoon picking up discarded underwear'! Glen and Sue Hanket celebrated their first two anniversaries on the road, walking from Maine to Oregon, picking up four tons of roadside litter along the way. Perhpas you saw the author (along with two impostors) recounting the trip on TV's "To Tell The Truth"! ISBN 0-9657833-0-8. Original price $12.95. Come discover what America is really about!
See below for spcial offer!
WWAR cover WOW! What a Ride is the brand new book that updates the life of the Litterwalker. From trying to fit back into the rat race; through his appearance on To Tell The Truth; and then covering his three-spring ride from coast-to-coast talking to schoolkids, this book revels in a life will lived by traveling off the beaten path.
But for a special low price of $10, you can buy both UNDERWEAR BY THE ROADSIDE and WOW! WHAT A RIDE! Add to Cart
WOW! What a Ride has been reformatted for full-size (8.5x11) pages with a larger font, extra pictures, and all photos in full-color. It is now available for download as a .pdf file, for you to read while on-line or to print out for later enjoyment. (A few hard-copy books are still available also, as mentioned above.) Download it here. No charge -- but I'd love to hear your comments after reading it! Just email glen at this domain.
SUGGESTIONS FOR OTHER BOOKS & MAPS. There are other interesting books on bicycling out there. Here are some I've run across.
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Bike shop owners/managers! You can order your books directly from C A K Publishing by faxing your order to 303-469-9806.
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