A Peek at Some of the new and future Trails
(Last updated 11 May 2005)
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South Suburban Recreation District: Recent work here (Littleton area) has focused on completing the 'Canopy Walk' on Big Dry Creek, extending the trail from Progress Park to Lehow Ave -- called 'canopy' since it lies above the creek level, among the trees.
They have also put in a parallel trail along the Platte River from C-470 to Big Dry Creek, allowing pedestrians (and equestrians) to avoid the heavy bicycle traffic on the paved path.
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In Centennial, the Arapahoe P&R people are adding a pedestrain bridge over Piney Creek this fall (they have to wait due to migratory birds currently using the area). This will connect the stretch of Piney Creek trail coming out of the Cherry Creek State Park with the short section around Tower Rd. Depending on the budget, they could build the last unfinished stretch (which would connect to Saddle Rock Golf Course) sometime next year.
They have also replaced the low-water crossing of that creek (between Parker and the reservoir) with a box culvert bridge. Also, the Trails Rec Center at Orchard and Buckley (which includes a $1 million skate park) is available as a trailhead, and breakfast will be offered there this year on Bike-To-Work Day.

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A new trail segment along
Cherry Creek is scheduled to be added late this year. At the Arapahoe/Douglas county line, two bridges and an island will be built starting in September to connect the trails in the two counties. That segment in Arapahoe County is currently VERY short, but with the property currently getting annexed by the city of Centennial, development -- and more trail -- will follow soon afterwards.
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In Douglas County, the money has gone into funding the regional parks (and, of course, the new section of Cherry Creek Trail south of Castle Oaks Rd). Next year they hope to extend the East-West trail south of Highlands Ranch.
* * * * * * * * * You can still read the last construction report here.

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