The inveterate author-adventurer Glen Hanket is preparing once again to put his two wheels on the road, traveling across the land, speaking to students and adults about the country, the environment, and pursuing their dreams.

This page references for Glen's speaking career.

A Word about Spam

In a perfect world, I could provide an automated link that would automatically open a window to compose your email, with the address filled in. The reality is, when anyone publishes an address in the familiar '' format, web spiders find it and add it to the lists used by spammers. As a result, well over 90% of the emails received by 'glen' at is garbage (with a recent emphasis on emails using Cyrillic [Russian] characters) - but I must weed through it, since I need the rare jewel that does pop up.

To limit that exposure to the people kind enough to offer themselves as references, I will provide their addresses as 'username at domain'. You can then type (or cut-and-paste) that into your email tool, replace the ' at ' with '@', and email them.


Ron Schrantz, a teacher in southern California who had me present to his class. Email: schrantzs at

Carol Crolle, Gifted/Talented Students teacher at Westfield Academy & Central School, Westfield NY. Email: CCrolle at

Darci Newman, director of Special Education at Eastern JHS. Email: NewmanD at

Steven Newman, who teaches at a community college in southern OH. Email: snewman at

Pat Kosuth, director of the Stephenson Library, Marinette WI. Email: pkosuth at

Comments received

Following are some of the comments I have received from people who have scheduled my talks:

The folks who came that Monday evening were impressed. One lady said that she went home from the talk and went outside to clean up her own frontage because of what you had said. - Pat Kosuth, director of Stephenson Library in Marinette, WI

We absolutely loved our visit with you and I thought you were fantastic... Earlier in the year we had a local new's person visit and I thought you were far better then he was!! You were well prepared, informative, and very professional. I wish I could have you come every year. - Anita Nicoson, teacher in Mukwonago, WI

You will probably never know how many lives you have touched by taking the risk to follow your dream. - Sandra Anderson, teacher in North Liberty, IN

Contact Info

Glen's email is ghanket at . My phone numbers are 303-661-4805 (W) and 303-469-3133 (H). My cell phone is (303)641-8184, but I do not normally leave it on. I do check messages on it, and I will be carrying it when I start the tour -- whether I will get a signal in the middle of the Great Plains is another question entirely.