The inveterate author-adventurer Glen Hanket is preparing once again to put his two wheels on the road, traveling across the land, speaking to students and adults about the country, the environment, and pursuing their dreams.

This page suggests the different programs Glen is able to give.

What programs are available?

I have given talks to a wide variety of audiences. School programs have ranged from elementary schools to community colleges. Audience sizes have ranged from talking to a class of nine Gifted and Advanced Students, to hundreds of students in an auditorium watching me on stage, and everything in-between.

For a typical program, I will start with a short DVD showing a news clip and pictures from the walk, followed by a short talk. The school programs then become interactive, as I ask the students questions to get them thinking about the country and the environment. Q&A follows, which usually results in interesting queries from the audience. Typical length for such a program is 45-60 minutes.

Depending on my schedule (how many miles I have to ride to my next stop, whether I have other talks scheduled), I can often do multiple talks at one school (or talks at multiple schools in one city). This is helpful if several individual classes wish to hear me.

In addition to the standard talk, I can:

* lead the students in a litter cleanup around the school campus. Whether with a single class or a number of classes, I can start with an interactive session on "Litter: Why?"

* speak to English classes about writing, publishing, and editing. Besides Underwear by the Roadside and WOW! What a Ride!, I have written over twenty-five books on bicycling in Colorado, and have ghost-written two books on financial investing.

* speak to business or marketing classes or Junior Achievement groups. I own my own publishing company that has grown in revenues and profits every year. Additionally, I have written an accounting program designed to help small businesses balance their books.

* present to engineering, science, computer, and math classes. I have worked in the software profession for 25 years, both on government (aerospace) contracts and in the commercial sector. As a class project, students can create a web page about Glen's visit to link to his web page documenting the trip.

* speak to geography and science classes. Last summer, I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro and took an African safari; a 25-minute DVD details those trips, and I can follow that with Q&A.

* talk to leadership groups on careers, goal-setting, and the importance of education. He has seen the workplace change in the past quarter-century, and has adapted with it.

One possibility for a unique introduction to this special guest is to let the audience play a simulated game show. Glen was a featured visitor on the TV game show To Tell The Truth in 2001, and he can provide a video of the episode. See if your audience can pick out the real LitterWalker before he walks on stage!

To Tell The Truth

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